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Santo's Plan For A Better Allentown

Committed to improving the lives of families, businesses, and the entire community.

A Future Of Hope For All

We live in a special place. Allentown is full of talented, passionate, and diverse residents who care about our city and want to see our community thrive.

A Better Allentown For All

Santo's Commitment

If we want equitable economic development and job creation in Allentown, then City Council needs someone who understands how to invest in our community. Since 1999, my businesses have created 315 jobs right here in Allentown. I know that if I bring my 25 years of business experience to Council, we can encourage more entrepreneurship and small business development throughout the city.

Allentown continues to face new challenges, and we need a leader who has the experience and compassion to deliver equitable results for all of Allentown. You can read more below about my vision for Allentown.

Opportunity For All

We need to unite the city and elevate all neighborhoods, so everyone can have access to opportunity. Redevelopment and job creation need to happen in every area of Allentown.


I want to expand the availability for citizens to have greater climate for small business so that any city resident can engage in entrepreneurship.

Fiscal Responsibility

I want to bring my experience with fiscal responsibility to City Council. We need to balance the budget and ensure that services are delivered efficiently, so that the tax burden does not fall on property owners.

Equality & Diversity

We have to invest in city services. All of Allentown deserves high quality services, delivered by a work force that reflects the diversity of the city.

A Safer City

We all want the safest community possible. We must work to reduce crime and build strong neighborhoods, which will also help us prioritize healthy community-police relations.

Resident Protection

We must hold landlords accountable and protect residents from blight, poor housing conditions and absentee landlords.

Let's seize the opportunity together

Despite our challenges, Allentown is growing. That’s an amazing feat, but we must plan for the future and envision Allentown as a modern, inclusive city. With the right leadership, we can unite, seize this opportunity, and elevate Allentown for everyone.

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